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Specialty Cocktail Spotlight: Buffalo Mule

When it comes to cocktails, “mule” or “buck”  is an old-school way of describing a beverage made with ginger beer (or ale), a sort of citrus, and, of course, a spirit.  One of the most common instances of a mule is the Moscow Mule, which is made with vodka.  Since Russia is famous for its vodka, it’s easy to see how that drink earned its name.

We prefer to take the bourbon route.

Our Buffalo Mule is made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, and this, of course, is where it gets its moniker.  Contrary to what you may be inclined to think, Buffalo Bourbon gets its name from the mammal — not the city.

Just a little fun fact to impress your friends with at parties.


1.75 oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon
1 oz Lime Juice
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
2 oz Ginger Beer


Combine ingredients in order in a large glass with ice.  Drink to your heart’s content.

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